Sustaining England's Industrial Heritage

A Future for Preserved Industrial Sites in England

By Neil Cossons

This is the online synopsis of the report carried out in 2008. It examines the current state of preserved industrial archaeological sites in England and makes recommendations on how their future may be secured.

It considers issues of conservation, access and interpretation, governance and management, funding and volunteers, and how these compare with currently accepted standards and practices. It examines issues concerning the relative importance of sites, in terms of their evidential, historical and communal significance, identifies those of outstanding national and international importance, and proposes some scale of priorities. The extent to which the present portfolio of sites is representative of the industrial revolution period, and what might be done to present a more comprehensive picture, is also addressed.


1. Introduction
2. The Question of Value
3. Background to the Study
4. Context
5. Issues
6. Summary and Recommendations
5. A Portfolio of Sites

Appendix 1: Industrial Sites in Guardianship, and owned by the National Trust
Appendix 2: Proposals for preservation, under three categories
Appendix 3: Industrial Archaeology: A Policy Statement (1995)

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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