Liverpool Cenotaph

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Liverpool Cenotaph. 1927-30, designed by Lionel Budden with sculptural work by Herbert Tyson Smith. Listed at Grade I. NHLE List Entry Number: 1073463.

The War Memorials Listing Project

Over the centenary of the First World War, we have been in partnership with Civic Voice, Imperial War Museums (IWM), War Memorials Trust and the public on a four-year programme to ensure war memorials across the country are protected and the people they commemorate remembered.

The Government funded this project through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. One strand of this work was to to add 2,500 war memorials to the List (officially known as the National Heritage List for England).

This project finished at the end of September 2018, having added or amended a total of 2,645 war memorials to the List.

First World War Memorial, c1920, with later Second World War additions
Evenley War Memorial, Northamptonshire. Erected in c1920 and listed at Grade II. NHLE List Entry Number: 1425396

War memorials provide us with an enduring link to those hundreds of thousands who gave their lives in the First World War. This project has helped commemorate the role of communities across the country in the conflict and has ensured that many more memorials are protected now and in the future.

Cenotaph image depicting how many war memorials have been listed during the course of the anniversary of the First World War.
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