Image of colourful beach huts in Frinton-on-Sea.

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Beach huts at Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. © Historic England DP027221.

Non-Listed Sites

Not all heritage sites are listed or designated, and some that once were can later be removed from the List, or de-designated. Some sites are indeed locally listed and through this have some level of protection by the local planning authority. You can find out more about these sites via our PastScape and Heritage Gateway websites.


PastScape is a web resource with over 430,000 records covering England’s heritage from every time period. We maintain this database to provide an overview of both listed and non-listed heritage sites and places of interest in England. This includes buildings, wrecks, archaeology, landscapes, investigations and aerial photograph interpretation.
Features include:

  • Descriptions of sites and the sources of information used to compile them
  • Pictures (where available)
  • Basic details of investigations, such as surveys or excavations
  • Links to maps, satellite images and other related websites
Image of a non-listed mosque at 117-119 Stoke Newington Road, Hackney, London
Aziziye Mosque, 117-119 Stoke Newington Road, Hackney, London. Locally listed in the District of Hackney. © Historic England (DP132022)

Heritage Gateway

The Heritage Gateway allows you to cross-search over 60 different heritage resources. This includes Historic England’s records as well as those of many Historic Environment Records (HERs) which hold the primary information for non-designated assets and also other heritage organisations. Here you can search for a building or site by its name or location, search for images of listed buildings and look at Designation Decision Records. You can find out more about sites that have been de-designated, or removed from the List; and why a decision has been made to not designate an asset (the records only reflect decisions made since 12 November 2012).

The Heritage Gateway is managed by Historic England in partnership with the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO) and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC).

Non-designated sites

In addition to making recommendations to add a site to the List, we also make recommendations to not list a site. The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will then make a final decision based on our advice.

For parks and gardens or battlefields, it is our decision whether or not to add them to the List.

De-designated sites

We recommend the removal of listed buildings, scheduled monuments and protected wrecks from the List when certain criteria are no longer met. Please see our selection criteria pages for more information on these criteria. The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will then make a final decision based on our advice.

However, it is our decision whether to add or remove a registered park and garden or battlefield from the List.

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