St Giles, Norwich
St Giles, Norwich © Historic England DP236723
St Giles, Norwich © Historic England DP236723

Heritage in Commercial Use

Heritage Counts 2018 focuses on how heritage in commercial use is constantly evolving and flexibly adapting to provide important and characterful business premises for a wide range of occupiers, from independent and branded leisure and retail businesses to the creative industries.

Historic England commissioned property consultants Colliers International to carry out research into all commercial uses of listed buildings in the centres of 55 cities and towns in England. It also examines the role of historic parts of towns and cities in nurturing groups of organisations that are involved in the nine categories of creative industry defined by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The research was funded by Historic England’s Heritage Protection Commissions programme, through a grant awarded to Colliers International. Historic England does not necessarily endorse the opinions or recommendations presented here.

Historic England also commissioned Ramidus Consulting to produce a ‘think piece’ report examining the growth of flexible and agile working and its relevance in historic buildings.