Three sketches of a building showing how it changed between 1904 and 2016

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Illustration of Manningham Baths by a student as part of the Connecting People and Places research project by Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust © Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Connecting People and Places

Historic England and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust want to inspire young people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to pursue a career in architecture. 

Students researched buildings that have significant importance for members of the BAME community. They found out how these places and buildings have shaped history and added value to their individual communities. 

How have Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities had a voice in the planning and design of sites that are significant to them?

Explore their contributions

The students, aspiring architects from BAME backgrounds, have used Enrich the List to share the first results of their research. Use the map to explore their contributions.

What's next?

The second phase will be a touring exhibition, with the final findings of the project being published in 2020. These will be a permanent and accessible public record.

The recording and acknowledgment of these buildings showcases the positive impact BAME communities have had on the environment we live in.

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