Black and white photo of a group of young men and one woman in high spirits posing for a post-match photo.
1972 Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) Liverpool v. Manchester football match © Robin Bloxsidge
1972 Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) Liverpool v. Manchester football match © Robin Bloxsidge


These webpages were written by: Justin Bengry, Robert Bevan, Claire Hayward, Nazmia Jamal, Alison Oram and Gemma Romain.

Special thanks to: Matt Smith, Sean Curran, Emma Vickers, Matt Cook, Diane Watt and Bob Mills.

We would like to thank the many individuals, many anonymous, who contributed to the Pride of Place crowdsourced map, and whose stories and contributions appear in or influenced this Pride of Place website section.

The Film Clips were made at Shibden Hall, Halifax.

Filmed and directed by Tomaso Aramini

Post-production: Francesco Cibati

Sound: Elvio Carini.

With special thanks to Sarah Waters

We would like to thank the staff at Calderdale Museums Service, Halifax for their kind assistance in enabling us to make film clips at Shibden Hall. We also thank West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale for their help in filming Anne Lister’s diary.

The Pride of Place interactive map is hosted by Historypin.


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