Web Links and Downloads

Brycchan Carey's Website is an excellent introductory site to eighteenth century Black literature and history. Sancho, Equiano and Cugoano feature heavily.

The Portcities website is for the exploration of Britain's maritime history includes detailed sections on Bristol's connections to the slave trade and a Slave Trail around Greenwich, London.

The National Archives has a comprehensive online exhibition that looks at the impact of the Black and Asian presence in Britain between 1500-1850.

The National Archives also has a slavery section, which is a portal to research guides, digitised documents  and teaching resources on Britain's slave trade and the abolition movement.

Recovered Histories Anti-Slavery International has digitised its collection of 18th and 19th century literature on the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Recovered Histories captures the narratives of the enslaved, enslavers, slave ship surgeons, abolitionists, parliamentarians, clergy, planters and rebels.

The Understanding Slavery website has teaching resources based on a number of museum collections relating to African history and the slave trade.

Black history in the West Midlands prior to1948 is the focus of this Birmingham City Council website.

A slavery trail from Merseyside Maritime Museum.

An Open University site introducing slave trade connections in the north of England

The London Sugar and Slavery exhibition at the Museum in Docklands, including an interactive map of London plotting sites of key significance to the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Manchester area museums site recounting local links to the history of the slave trade.

A bicentenary site produced by Lancaster Museums, exploring the relation between England's fourth largest slaving port and the legacy of the slave trade today. Includes a slave trade town trail and links to exhibitions and events.

An excellent Wilberforce-based walking tour round Hull's old town.

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