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Basic search

Do you know the name of the person or the name of a listed building linked to the person you're researching? If so type the name in to the Search section on the Homepage and hit enter.

It may be you get a result straight away but sometimes, depending on the title of the person or building, you may find you don't get what you want. You can either try some other key words or go to the Advanced Search. 

Advanced search

If you have more detail on the listed building you're trying to track you can put more information in here to improve your search and get a better set of results. However we have already categorised people linked to listed buildings in the 'Role' and 'Person/Organisation' sections.

In the 'Role' section we have a category 'Person of Historical Interest or Note' but we also have more specific categories such as painter, sculptor, architect or designer.

If you're looking for a particular person type the name in or go to the 'View Person/Org'n' section and click on the wording. It will give you a list of the people and organisations recognised in alphabetical order. To change the name go to the bottom of the page choose the 'Change Name' button and hit enter, this will enable to you input the name you're looking for or search the alphabet.

The instructions on the page explain how to complete the search.

The listed building information held on the Images of England website is from February 2001 when this photographic survey was undertaken.

Example: Florence Nightingale on Images of England

You can enter the wording Florence Nightingale in the Home page 'Search' box. If you are in Advanced Search you can enter the wording Florence Nightingale in the Freetext box or select the 'Role' as a  'Person of Historic Interest or Note' and type Nightingale into the Person/Organisation box.

You get 23 results linked to Florence; it could be a hospital which used her designs or a building she was personally linked to.

  • Buckinghamshire General Infirmary
    © Dr Barry Senior APRS
    Florence Nightingale was personally involved in the design which she published in the third edition of her 'Notes on Hospital Design', 1863.
  • 22 Albemarle Street, Westminster
    © Peter Karry ARPS
    Lodgings of Florence Nightingale and William Farr in 1857 whilst carrying out pioneering research on Crimean War statistics.

Images of England Florence Nightingale
University College Hospital, London © Miss Patricia Philpott ARPS
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