Searching PastScape

If you know the name of the person or building you're interested in finding out about, then just type it into the Quick Search box.

Or you can choose the advanced or location search for more specific categories to choose from.

Example: Florence Nightingale in PastScape

You can enter the wording Florence Nightingale in the Home page 'Quick Search' box and you get 17 sets of results.

These records show descriptions of buildings, photos and maps if available, monument records, bibliography and sources of the information.

Embley House - the family home of Florence Nightingale

However, you'll note from the results on this page you also get links to other mentions of Florence Nightingale, that are not related to her but to ships named after her.

Pastscape Florence Nightingale
Statue of Florence Nightingale, Waterloo Place, London © Mr Stephen Hodgson
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