Christabel Pankhurst waving out of a window, with a flag in her left hand, wearing large straw hat with flowers on top.
Christabel Pankhurst, 1909
Christabel Pankhurst, 1909

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Do you know any places with a suffrage or women's history story like these below?

St Mary's, Wokingham

Originally built in the 13th century, St Mary's was burnt down in 1914 reputedly by suffragettes with the exception of the west tower of 1635, the walls and north doorway.

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Red House, Kirklees

Mary Taylor, a radical feminist of the mid-18th century, was born and brought up in the Red House. Charlotte Brontë based the house 'Briarmains' and the 'Yorke' family in her novel 'Shirley' on the Red House and the Taylor family, with whom she stayed as a friend of Mary Taylor.

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Waterloo Bridge, London 

Some of the bridge construction took place during the Second World War (World War Two, WWII), and is believed to have included a partly-female workforce of both skilled and unskilled labour leading to its colloquial name of 'the ladies' bridge'.

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John Ryland's Library, Manchester

Commissioned and founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands. Built to house the theological library of John Rylands (leading textile manufacturer and philanthropist), subsequently augmented by purchase of other collections, and now one of the finest in the country.

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