Heather Bank


This large Art Nouveau-style house was the residence of Marie Stopes (1880-1958), the campaigner for women’s rights and pioneering advocate of family planning.


Stopes was Britain’s youngest Doctor of Science, qualifying in botany in 1905, before she made her name with the book 'Married Love', published in 1918. It argued that marriage should be an equal relationship between partners and was an immediate success, selling 2,000 copies within a fortnight.

Even more controversial was her work on birth control, 'Wise Parenthood', which attracted the censure of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

In 1921 Stopes founded the Society for Constructive Birth Control and in the same year opened the first of her birth-control clinics in Holloway, North London. 


Heather Bank House
'Heather Bank' House, which was listed Grade II in 1977 © Mr Derek Linney
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