Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from the Great Hospital, Bishopgate, Norwich, Norfolk

Author(s): Dr Martin Bridge

Several individual buildings in the complex that makes up the Great Hospital were investigated. Some were found not to contain any, or sufficient numbers of timbers with enough rings for dating. Some areas were sampled but failed to be dated, these include the stairs to the church wards on either side of St Helen's Church, and the floor beams supporting both the Parker and Eagle Wards. The wagon roof of Eagle Ward, and timbers in the tower, were identified as potentially datable, but were not sampled in the present study because of access problems. However, some areas were successfully dated, giving more information about the development of this site. A truss retained in the stairway up to Parker Ward, originally part of the south aisle of St Helen's Church, was made from timbers felled in the period AD 1378-99. The cloister roof was constructed from timbers most likely felled in the period AD 1447-63. The roof of Parker Ward was made of timbers most likely felled in AD 1403 or very soon thereafter. Some timbers from the Parker Ward roof matched well with those used in the truss from St Helen's Church, indicating that they may have come from the same source.

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