BEELEIGH ABBEY, MALDON, ESSEX: Archaeomagnetic Dating Report 2002

Author(s): Paul Linford

A number of medieval buildings were discovered in excavations carried out by the Maldon Archaeological Group in conjunction with the Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit in a field adjacent to Beeleigh Abbey near Maldon in Essex. Some of the best preserved features in these buildings were a series of tile hearths and the Centre for Archaeology was asked to provide archaeomagnetic analysis for four of these. One of the hearths could not be dated, as its surface had not been exposed to sufficient heat during use. A second hearth from the latest building in the group, a late medieval hall house, was last used in the late C15th AD which is consistent with the archaeological evidence which suggests that the building went out of use around 1530-1540. A third hearth from a smaller building to the north also dated to the same period and it is possible that this building was the kitchen for the hall. The final larger hearth from a building to the west dated to the mid-C13th AD, suggesting that this was the earliest structure so far uncovered at the site.

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