Comparison of Clay with Flints from Silbury Hill and Local Neolithic Pottery Fabrics

Author(s): Matt Canti, Harriet White

The excavations at Silbury Hill in 2007-2008 raised questions concerning the truncated nature of the old ground surface (Canti, 2011), leading to a consideration of whether clay had been removed to make ceramics. This study investigates whether or not the Silbury Hill clay-with-flints was a potential raw material for Neolithic ceramic manufacture, by comparing modern clay-with-flints and thin-sectioned examples of suitable local pottery. The results demonstrate that some coarse flint-containing fabrics were manufactured from naturally gritty clays. Although a direct link cannot be made between the Silbury clay and local ceramic examples, it could, nevertheless, have been a viable material for pottery manufacture.

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Flint Pottery


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