Carisbrooke Castle, Newport, Isle of Wight: Report on Geophysical Surveys, December 2020

Author(s): Neil Linford, Paul Linford, Andy Payne

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), fluxgate gradiometer and earth resistance surveys were conducted at Carisbrooke Castle, Newport, Isle of Wight at the request of the English Heritage Trust who manage the site. The aim of the survey was to assist with to improve grazing and stabling facilities to enhance the welfare of the resident donkeys, a popular visitor attraction at the site. As their grazing fields and stables are situated within the scheduled monument and, as relatively little is known about potential archaeological remains in this area, a geophysical survey has been requested to ensure the works can proceed without compromise to subsurface remains. GPR survey (1.7ha) was conducted over the majority of the grazing paddocks, with additional fluxgate magnetometer (0.6ha) and earth resistance (0.5ha) coverage in the vicinity of the current stable block. Further areas investigated during the survey included the Bowling Green and eastern bastions where understanding of previous phases of development could be improved. The most significant anomaly revealed in the grazing paddock appears to be a ditch orientated parallel to the castle outworks, possibly an additional defence or former field boundary.

Report Number:
Research Report
Earth Resistance Fluxgate Geophysical Survey Ground Penetrating Radar Magnetometer


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