NATO Forward Scatter Station, RAF Stenigot, Lincolnshire

Author(s): Roger Thomas

NATO Forward Scatter Station (NFSS) Stenigot (UBIZ) was built in 1960, as a component of the 'Ace High' troposcatter communication system, which extended from NSEZ near Bjerkvik, Norway to TPAZ at Pazar on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, and to JCGZ on Cyprus. The site stands 151 metres (495 feet) above Ordnance Datum and is located some 16.09 km (10 miles) south-west of Louth, near the village of Donington on Bain. It is sited within the former perimeter of RAF Stenigot, occupying an area of 1.911 hectares (4.72 acres). The site is contained within an illuminated security fence and it consists of a police house, guard-dog pens with runs, two oil tanks within a catchpit, a generator house, a garage, an electronics building and four parabolic antenna dishes.

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Modern Radio Station Cold War Military Communications


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