A Woodland Burial Study: report on six month modern analogue samples

Author(s): Karla Graham, Peter Crow, V Fell, Paul Simpson, Paul Wyeth, Baker, John Vallender, Vince Griffin

The Woodland Burial Study (Project 4597) is a collaborative project between the research section of the Forestry Commission (Forest Research) and English Heritage to develop methodologies to study how land-use (particularly woodland) and soils affect the preservation of archaeological remains in situ. The study involves the burial, recovery and analysis of a range of modern analogue materials (iron, copper, red deer antler, cattle horn and cotton) at Alice Holt forest in Surrey. The aim is to develop methodologies for monitoring the burial environment by directly correlating the analogue material degradation with burial environment monitoring data collected by Forest Research. To date, the first set of analogue samples have been recovered after six months and the rates and type of material degradation analysed using XRD, XRF, SEM and FTIR.

Report Number:
Research Department Reports
Antler Burial Environments Copper Alloy Horn Iron Modern Textile


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