Silchester Environs Project, Rampier Copse, Silchester, Hampshire, Report on Geophysical Survey, May 2016

Author(s): Neil Linford, Paul Linford, Andy Payne, Cara Pearce

Caesium magnetometer and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys were conducted as part of the University of Reading Silchester Environs Project over linear earthworks immediately to south of the walls of Silchester Roman town at Rampier Copse, Silchester, Hampshire. The vehicle towed caesium magnetometer survey (3.9 ha) revealed a group of broad linear anomalies, apparently extending the linear earthwork which still stands to some height in the adjacent Rampier Copse. Further magnetic anomalies are due to the Roman road approaching the south gate of the town and numerous discrete responses, possibly industrial or perhaps funerary activity. Anomalies within the GPR coverage (2.7ha)included the course of the Roman road, with some evidence for discrete, pit-type responses possibly indicative of road side graves, and an east-west linear anomaly crossing the Roman road to the south gate, that appears to correlate with a continuation of the linear bank and ditch.

Report Number:
Research Report
Caesium Vapour Geophysical Survey Ground Penetrating Radar Iron Age Magnetometer


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