Medieval Animal Husbandry in South West England: A Selective Review and Suggested Approach

Author(s): B M Levitan

This paper presents a review of the more recent bone reports from medieval sites in south west England. Sites from 22 locations are included in the survey, but the small size of many of the samples precluded detailed comparisons between the sites. The need to consider more than one site from urban environments is discussed, and six sites from Exeter are compared as an example of this approach. A more superficial comparison of all the sites shows that there are differences in there lative importance of the major domesticates, but the implications are obscure, again as a result of small samples and insufficient information. The final part of the paper considers two sites from Exeter in more detail as an example of the useful potential of inter-site comparisons in one town, and concludes with a plea for a more unified regional strategy for future excavations in the region.

Report Number:
AML Reports (New Series)
Animal Bone Animal Remains Environmental Studies


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