Historic Area Assessment of Sunderland

Author(s): Wardell Armstrong

In 2017, Wardell Armstrong was commissioned by Historic England and Sunderland City Council to undertake a Historic Area Assessment (HAA) of part of the city of Sunderland. The HAA aims to support Sunderland’s Heritage Action Zone (HAZ), which focuses on the city’s historic high streets, in particular Fawcett Street, Church Street, High Street East and High Street West. These areas form the historic core, once the residential and commercial heart of Sunderland. The HAA is intended to inform their future management. The HAA study area is larger than the HAZ in order to contextualise it geographically and historically. It comprises the entirety of three conservation areas: the Old Sunderland and Old Sunderland Riverside Conservation Areas and the Sunniside Conservation Area. At the centre of the area is the High Street, which is divided into High Street East and High Street West. Outside of the streets forming the Heritage Action Zone the HAA also includes key historic areas such as the riverside, part of the Old Barracks area, John William Street, Trafalgar Square and the former Freeman’s or Town Moor.

Report Number:
Research Report
Historic Area Assessment Industrial Heritage Architectural Investigation Historic


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