Peterborough Cathedral Precinct Doorway, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire: Dendrochronological and Radiocarbon Analysis of an Oak Door

Author(s): Isabelle Parsons, Ian Tyers

A tree-ring dating and radiocarbon dating programme was commissioned on several timbers from an accidentally damaged door from Peterborough Cathedral precinct. The results identified that two of the accessible timbers in the door were datable by tree-ring dating techniques, with these boards using eastern Baltic oak felled during the mid to later fourteenth century. Later boards were undated. The lower rail of the door was dated by radiocarbon to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century. This dating programme was commissioned to exploit this unexpected opportunity whilst the door was being repaired. This report archives the dendrochronological and radiocarbon results.

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Dendrochronology Radiocarbon Dating


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