Fields South of Silbury Hill: The Charred Plant Remains from Excavations at the Romano-British Roadside Settlement (2010)

Author(s): Ruth Pelling

This research report makes available the report on the charred plant remain assemblage from the Romano-British roadside settlement to the south of Silbury Hill excavated by English Heritage in 2010. The full excavation report is published in Crosby and Hembrey (2013). Specialist reports are available as part of the English Heritage Research Report Series. A total of 47 samples was taken. Five samples from an enclosure ditch fill of probably 2nd – 3rd century AD date produced possible evidence of malting waste as well as the utilization of wild resources, particularly heather. Other samples from the site produced background scatters of mixed charred material. Differences between the assemblage from the enclosure ditch and that recovered from an earlier excavation to the north of the A4 (Scaife 1996a) suggest different crop processing and disposal activities were taking place in different areas of the settlement.

Report Number:
Research Report
Environmental Studies Plant Remains


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