Radiocarbon Wiggle-Matching of the Second Floor of the Bell Tower at the Church of St Andrew, Wissett, Suffolk

Author(s): A Bayliss, Bronk Ramsey, Hamilton, J van der Plicht

Analysis by dendrochronology had been undertaken previously on samples from the second floor of the bell tower of this church. Two of the samples cross-matched, but neither the mean sequence nor the individual timbers could be dated. A series of six radiocarbon measurements was undertaken on samples from the mean chronology once tree-ring analysis has failed to produce absolute dating. Wiggle-matching of these results against the currently internationally-agreed calibration data set, suggests that these timbers were felled in cal AD 1095 - 1135 (13% probability) or cal AD 1145 - 1205 (82% probability). Consequently it appears that the second floor of the bell tower at St Andrew's, Wissett is a survival of the original twelfth-century construction.

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