Beedings, West Sussex: Optical Dating of Sedimentary Deposits

Author(s): Dr P S Toms, Matthew Pope

Three OSL samples were taken from the main fissure investigated in Field 3. These have produced results entirely consistent with the current interpretation of site formation processes and technological elements at the site, and suggest that the entire process of fissure formation and in-filling was largely complete by the end of the last Glacial and that the lithics found within the fissure fill predate the Last Glacial Maximum and form part of Mousterian and Early Middle Palaeolithic assemblages. The work also proved the suitability of fissure contexts within the Lower Greensand to dating by OSL and the future potential for wide ranging dating programmes of fissure formation within the region.

Report Number:
Research Department Reports
Geochronology Optically Stimulated Luminescence Palaeolithic


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