Late Iron Age and Early Roman Pottery and Amphorae from Stanwick, Yorkshire

Author(s): D F Williams

A small programme of thin sectioning was carried out on some late Iron Age / early Roman pottery, together with imported early Roman amphorae. The former pottery was divided into a number of fabrics based on the principal non-plastic inclusion types present: (1) limestone, (2) calcite, (3) quartz, (4) sandstone, (5) dolerite, and (6) granite. All of this pottery could easily have been made in the general area of the site, and it seems likely that the local Boulder Clay was utilized to some extent. The amphorae consisted of a number of first century A.D. forms: Haltern 70/Camulodunum 185A from southern Spain, Rhodian style from the Rhodian Peraea, Dressel 2-4 and ?Dressel 28.

Report Number:
AML Reports (New Series)
Ceramic Pottery


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