Canons Garth, Helmsley, North Yorkshire: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Robert Howard, Alison Arnold

Analysis of 60 of the 65 samples taken from various parts of this building has resulted in the construction and dating of two site sequences. Site sequence HELMSQ01 contains 11 samples and spans the period AD 1198–1283 whilst HELMSQ02 contains 42 samples and spans the period AD 1381–1668. The earliest group of timbers identified were those used in the construction of the roof of the hall house, felled in AD 1283. The inserted first-floor frame in this part of the building contains timbers felled in AD 1622–39, and at least two potentially reused joists felled in AD 1546–71. The roof of the south-west wing utilises timber felled in AD 1551–71. The roof over the west wing is constructed from timber felled in AD 1622, whilst the first floor frame in this part of the house utilises timber felled in AD 1614–39 and AD 1668. Also, located in this wing is a ground-floor fireplace bresummer felled in AD 1629 and a series of floorboards on the first floor with terminus post quem felling dates ranging from AD 1535 to AD 1577. A fireplace bresummer in the chapel dates to AD 1510–35 but is thought to be reused.

Report Number:
Research Report
Dendrochronology Standing Building


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