Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland, County Durham: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard

Analysis undertaken on 64 of the 67 samples taken from various parts of this building resulted in the construction and dating of two site sequences. AUKBSQ01contains 11 samples and spans the period AD 1370–1520 and AUKBSQ02 contains 40 samples and dates to AD 1425–1698. Timbers were identified in the roof over the Long Dining Room as being felled in AD 1520, whilst the timbers from King Charles’ Room roof were felled in AD 1517–42. Two other potentially early timbers, with a terminus post quem for felling of AD 1482 and AD 1518 respectively, represent the extant remnants of a roof. The Stairway roof contains timbers with signs of reuse which represent several different felling periods, timbers having been felled in AD 1515–40, AD 1642–67, and AD 1682– 1707. Similarly the ceiling of the Castle Lodge cellar has timbers dated to AD 1587–1612, AD 1637–62, and AD 1658–83. The ceiling beams in the Throne Room Undercroft were felled in AD 1651–72. The Scotland Wing roof contains timbers felled in AD 1670–95 and AD 1709–34, with the earlier of these potentially representing reused timber. None of the samples from the Chapel could be dated.

Report Number:
Research Report
Dendrochronology Standing Building


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