Church of St Edward and the Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire: Geospatial Survey of Standing Medieval Cross

Author(s): Li Sou

The church of St Edward the Confessor lies to the north of the town centre of Leek, Staffordshire, and two Anglo-Saxon stone cross shafts currently stand in its churchyard. Additionally, a complete later medieval market cross stands in the town market place. In response to a request from Imogen Sambrook, Heritage at Risk (HAR) Projects Officer for the West Midlands region, the Geospatial Imaging team undertook a programme of survey for these three scheduled crosses, as well as historical features on the walls of St Edward’s church (figure 1), to create a record of their current physical condition. Both laser scanning and photography for structure-from-motion (SFM) photogrammetry were conducted on site, and 3D outputs, including 3D PDFs, Autodesk ReCap projects and OBJ files, were produced. From these outputs, it was possible to analyse the carved details on some of the stonework in greater detail using polynomial texture mapping (PTM), enhancing our understanding of these monuments and providing scope for further research.

Report Number:
Research Report
Medieval Survey


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