Forest of Dean Archaeological Survey: Scientific Dating of Earthwork Systems so6013/04 and so6013/26

Author(s): Dr P S Toms, A Bayliss, Bronk Ramsey, Dr G T Cook

A series of radiocarbon dates and optically stimulated luminescence ages were obtained from colluvium and overlying deposits, which had built up behind a bank related to earthwork system so6013/04. Bayesian chronological modelling of these scientific dates, along with the recorded stratigraphic sequence, suggests that this earthwork system may have been laid out in the mid first millennium cal BC. An overlying deposit containing iron-working debris, probably dates to the late first or early second century cal AD. Two ages were obtained by optically stimulated luminescence from colluvium that may be related to earthwork system so6013/26. These dates demonstrate that this earthwork system was laid out in, or after, the latter part of the first millennium cal BC.

Report Number:
Research Report
Excavation Luminescence Dating Radiocarbon Dating


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