Elsecar, Barnsley: Report on Geophysical Survey, May 2017

Author(s): Neil Linford, Paul Linford, Andy Payne

Caesium magnetometer, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Earth Resistance Tomography (ERT) surveys were conducted at Elsecar, Barnsley, as part of the Historic England Heritage Action Zone project at the site. Despite considerable interference from land reclamation and landscaping, magnetic (5.4ha) and GPR (3.3ha) survey of the Forge Playing Field area revealed evidence for the former foundry and ancillary works, including possible structural remains associated with a furnace wall. Attempts to determine the location of former beehive coke ovens from ERT sections collected over the Furnace Field proved inconclusive, although a high resistance response suggests the presence of a buried structure with a possible air filled core. Due to the surface conditions only GPR survey (0.5ha) was attempted over the Greenway to investigate the original extent of the canal basin; the New Colliery to determine the presence of subsurface structures associated with the boiler house of the in situ Newcomen Engine; and the accessible areas of the Ironworks to either side of the railway lines. Results from these areas were mixed, particularly over the highly attenuating deposits within the former canal basin, but some evidence for structures associated with the Newcomen Engine have been suggested.

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Caesium Vapour Earth Resistance Geophysical Survey Ground Penetrating Radar Magnetometer Post Medieval Industrial Heritage


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