Truckle Hill Roman Building, North Wraxall, Wiltshire. Report on geophysical survey, September 2005.

Author(s): Paul Linford, Andy Payne

During excavations to quarry stone rubble, the remains of a Roman building were discovered in a small valley immediately beneath Truckle Hill in Wiltshire. A rapid building recording exercise was carried out by Wessex Archaeology and the surviving wall footings were found to be remarkably well preserved. Subsequently, the English Heritage Geophysics Team was requested to carry out a geophysical survey in the immediate vicinity to determine whether any further Roman remains might be present. A second aim of the survey was to identify areas likely to be free of archaeological features from which material could be excavated to cover the exposed remains, thus protecting them from weather damage. An earth resistance survey was conducted and this appears to have detected a number of potential additional Roman features including a second building. However, it has been possible to suggest two areas where excavation is unlikely to disturb significant archaeological features.

Report Number:
CfA Reports
Earth Resistance Geophysical Survey


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