Flint Farm Enclosure, Fullerton, Hampshire: Report on Geophysical Survey, February 2004

Author(s): Andy Payne

A caesium magnetometer survey was carried out in advance of research excavation by the Danebury Environs Roman programme over the site of a large, plough-levelled, sub-rectangular enclosure of presumed Iron Age to Roman date near Flint Farm, Fullerton, Hampshire. The enclosure is periodically visible as a cropmark and although mapped by aerial photography had not previously been investigated in detail. The magnetometer survey produced exceptionally clear results that considerably improve understanding of the form and layout of the site and the activity within. The survey identifies the sub-rectangular enclosure defined by a ditch on three sides but of unknown extent to the west beyond a belt of trees and further agricultural land not included in the current survey. The western end of the enclosure is sub-divided into several smaller enclosures and other internal anomalies suggest the presence of numerous pits, quarry features and ring gullies indicative of circular dwellings.

Report Number:
CfA Reports
Caesium Vapour Geophysical Survey Magnetometer


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