Revised Report on the Enhancement of the West Yorkshire Historic Environment Record for the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Periods

Author(s): Jason Dodds

The project aimed to strengthen the HER thus providing a more reliable and authoritative guide to assessing the significance of West Yorkshire's early prehistoric resources when responding to future planning and management consultations. This was carried out by the examination of select museum holdings (mainly the primary documentation of key antiquarian collectors but also by examining a selection of lithics in the museums). It involved the analysis of select journal articles and university work, including undergraduate dissertations and a PhD thesis and information gathered from other published and unpublished sources. Information from the Portable Antiquities Scheme was obtained and analysed. Palaeo-environmental information was added to the HER, and this along with the new HER records informs a suggested mitigation strategy for dealing with remains of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in the planning process. In total the project involved the creation of 598 new HER records, of which 283 were from the Port-able Antiquities Scheme. 223 previously existing HER records were also amended. Of the 598 new records, 596 new Mesolithic records (including 10 new palaeo-environmental records) were created. Two new Palaeolithic ones were also added. Historic England commissioned West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service to carry out this project.

Report Number:
Mesolithic Palaeolithic Pleistocene


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