Revelation : Phase 1 Assessment

Author(s): Brian Attewell, Paul Cripps, Thomas Cromwell, Vicky Crosby, Karla Graham, Jen Heathcote, Claire Jones, Eddie Lyons, Keith May, Sarah May, Andy Payne, Sarah Reilly, David Robinson, Joern Schuster, Kirsty Stonell Walker, Mary Walkden

"Revelation" is an English Heritage project to provide a coherent digital information system that will make the capture, analysis and dissemination of Historic Environment research faster and more effective. Stage 1, described here, was a comprehensive review of information systems and work practice at the Centre for Archaeology in the context of the broader profession. This report constitutes an IS-related business analysis of the CfA to assess the scope of the requirement. The aim of this stage has been to define how we use data throughout the life of an archaeological project so that, in the next phase of Revelation, we can design and build an archaeological information system that will be used by all the CfA. The Methods section covers the main strands of research and the project working practice more generally. The Results section relates to the main reviews of the project. A discussion of issues arising from the research and not directly covered in the reports follows. The Conclusions highlight key findings and directions for future work. The Recommendations section is directed towards five audiences: EH Senior Management, CfA Management Group, CfA Staff, Systems Development, and the Sector.

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Data Management Digital Data Information Systems Methological Research Work Practice


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