Cropmarks in Hertfordshire: A report for the National Mapping Programme

Author(s): Victoria Fenner

This report covers the air photograph transcriptions and accompanying MORPH2 database, produced by members of the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England (RCHME) Air Photography Unit (APU) between November 1990 and October 1991, for the county of Hertfordshire. This was one of the NMP pilot projects and as such did not follow all the metohdologies that are now part of a standard NMP project. All analyses are based solely on information in the MORPH2 database, Map Note Sheets and - inked overlays unless explicitly stated otherwise. The report is intended primarily for internal RCHME and English Heritage use, and is designed as a guide to the archaeology of the county for MPP and other purposes. The report is not intended to be a definitive statement about the archaeology of Hertfordshire, and should not be regarded as such. It is intended as the foundation for further research, from the point of view of both aerial photographic work and other forms of investigation e.g. documentary search, fieldwalking and survey. The report should be used in conjunction with the updated 1:10,000 transcriptions for the county which are housed within the NMR at Swindon. Copies are also available for consultation at the Archaeology Section of the County Council in Hertford.

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Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography National Mapping Programme


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