Terrestrial mineral resource assessment: Northamptonshire

Author(s): Paul Riggott, Jocelyn Strickland

This project, carried out by Museum of London Archaeology with Northamptonshire County Council, provides an assessment of heritage assets (below and above ground archaeological remains, buildings, structures, monuments or heritage landscapes) in the mineral resource areas of Northamptonshire. This project aimed to map past, current and future mineral extraction areas in Northamptonshire; enhance HER data within such areas as appropriate (including a statement of significance for undesignated assets); analyse heritage assets lost to minerals extraction, along with the likely impact of future extraction (in relation to asset significance, type, period and character); and uses the data and research agendas as a framework for analysing and reporting the results, trends of loss, and enhancements to current understanding of past human activity. The study provides an assessment of the impact of mineral extraction on the historic environment, in a quantifiable and systematic manner.

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