Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from the Roofs of the Lady Chapel North and South Aisle, and the Choir South Aisle, Worcester Cathedral, Worcester

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard, Cliff Litton

Fifty samples were obtained from the roofs of the north and south aisles of the Lady Chapel, and the south aisle of the Choir at Worcester Cathedral. These samples were analysed in conjunction with 143 obtained previously, producing four site chronologies, WORCSQ01-04, that included new samples; one sample dated individually. These new chronologies replace those produced during earlier analysis. The site chronologies comprise 23, six, four, and two new samples, being 289, 191, 131 and 90 rings long. Three of these dated spanning AD 1484 - AD 1772, AD 1095 - 1285, and AD 1294 - AD 1424. The latest work, from the north aisle of the Lady Chapel, uses timber felled in AD 1772. Some work in the south aisle possibly dates to this time too. The Choir south aisle roof contains timber felled in AD 1742, with a brace structure here being made of timber felled in AD 1727 and between AD 1733 - 68. The Lady Chapel roofs and the Choir south aisle roof also contain probable early to mid-seventeenth century timber, and probable early to mid-fifteenth century timber. The north aisle of the Lady Chapel also contains probable early to mid-thirteenth century timber. Several timbers are of indeterminate date.

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