44 West Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire: Tree-ring Analysis and Radiocarbon Wiggle-matching of Oak Timbers

Author(s): Dr Martin Bridge, Cathy Tyers, A Bayliss, Silvia Bollhalder, Michael Dee, Sanne Palstra, Lukas Wacker

Nine oak timbers from the two-truss roof and one oak timber from the first-floor ceiling were sampled for dendrochronology. Cross-matching of the ring-width series from these samples produced two site-master chronologies. The first contained eight timbers (seven from the roof and the ceiling timber) and was 118-years long, with two samples probably coming from the same parent tree. The second contained two roof timbers and was 60-years long. No reliable cross-dating could be obtained, probably because the trees suffered abrupt growth changes in the last five decades before felling. Radiocarbon dating was undertaken on six single-ring samples (one in duplicate at two laboratories) from cn44W09, the longest tree-ring series in the eight-timber (seven-tree) site-master chronology. Wiggle-matching of these results indicates that the timbers in this site sequence were probably felled in the AD 1680s or early AD 1690s.

Report Number:
Research Report
Dendrochronology Radiocarbon Dating Standing Building Wiggle-Match


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