Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from Abbey House, Whitby Abbey, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard, Cliff Litton, Cathy Tyers

A total of 27 cores samples was obtained from timbers of Abbey House at Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire. Twelve of these samples were from pine timbers forming the roof of the main range, while a further ten samples came from pine timbers forming the roof of a short connecting range between the main range and the Banqueting Hall. Five samples were obtained from oak timbers in the ground floor of the main range. The analysis of these samples produced four pine site chronologies, comprising one group of seven samples and three groups of two samples each. These site chronologies range in length from 63 rings to 135 rings. Despite being compared to an extensive range of reference chronologies for pine none of the pine site chronologies could be dated. There was no cross-matching between any of the oak samples and attempts to cross-match them individually with oak reference chronologies produced no satisfactory results. This analysis forms part of the on-going dendrochronological research programme on conifer timbers funded by English Heritage.

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