The Hatfield Earthworks, Marden, Wiltshire: Survey and Investigation

Author(s): David J Field, Louise Martin, H Winton

This report chronicles the first stage of an integrated inter-disciplinary survey of the henge enclosure and related earthworks at Marden, Wiltshire, therwise referred to as the Hatfield Earthworks. Using ground, geophysical and aerial survey, it has produced fresh information about this little known Neolithic monument. Much of the site has been carefully levelled at some time in the past and is covered by ridge and furrow cultivation marks. Despite this, the bank and ditch of the main enclosure remain in good part as earthworks and are revealed as discontinuous, while the location of the Hatfield Barrow, recorded as being levelled in the early years of the 19th century, has been located, as has a second circular enclosure, also previously thought to have been destroyed.

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