Godwick Great Barn, Godwick, Tittleshall, Norfolk: Tree-Ring Dating of Timbers

Author(s): Robert Howard, Alison Arnold

Samples were taken from the timbers of the roof and floor frames in this building, resulting in the construction and dating of two site sequences and the individual dating of one other sample. Site sequence GDWKSQ01 contains 21 samples and spans the period AD 1406–1597. The second site sequence, GDWKSQ01, contains five samples and spans the period AD 1624–1701. Sample GDW-K20 was found to span the period AD 1582–1683. The analysis indicates that the extant floor-framing at the northern end of the barn is constructed with timber felled in AD 1597. The majority of the timbers in the roof were felled in AD 1588–1613, though some common rafters were felled in AD 1712–37 and a purlin was potentially felled at the same time or very slightly earlier in AD 1695–1720. These results suggest the floor-frames and primary construction of the roof are contemporary, with both likely to date to, or shortly after AD 1597, with repairs to the roof undertaken in the first decades of the eighteenth century.

Report Number:
Research Report
Dendrochronology Standing Building


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