Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire: Aerial Investigation and Mapping of Two Possible Neolithic Enclosures

Author(s): Zoe Edwards

The cropmarks of a group of probable prehistoric enclosures in Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire, were discovered during English Heritage aerial reconnaissance in 2011. Mapping and analysis suggested the cropmarks indicate the location of two sub-rectangular enclosures and a ring ditch, interpreted as possible Neolithic long mortuary enclosures and a Bronze Age round barrow. The surrounding area was investigated to reveal further cropmarks and earthworks defining a probable medieval settlement, along with additional evidence of activity in the medieval and post medieval periods including fields of ridge and furrow and gravel extraction pits.

Report Number:
Research Report
Bronze Age Medieval Neolithic Post Medieval Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography National Mapping Programme Village Enclosure Round Barrow Ridge and Furrow


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