Flooding and the English Heritage Inland Estate

Author(s): T Pearson

The National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP) Activity 2C1 addresses the threat natural agencies such as flooding and erosion pose to the historic environment, recognising that the risks may be increasing in severity due to climate change. Of particular concern is the potential impact these threats pose to the English Heritage estate at the core of which is the National Collection of 423 historical and archaeological sites, ranging in date from the Neolithic to the Cold War but which also includes important infrastructure such as offices and stores, car parks and access routes (English Heritage 2011a, 5). This project assesses the risk posed to English Heritage’s inland estate from flooding and follows on from the internal project completed in 2011 investigating the risk to the coastal estate from erosion and flooding (Project 5982). Using broadly the same approach as Project 5982, this study has identified 41 sites at high risk of flooding and 20 at medium risk from a total of 362 estates. The results of the assessment are summarised in tabular format followed by detailed assessments of the estates at high and medium risk. The report provides recommendations intended to inform future discussions between English Heritage, the Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

Report Number:
Research Report
Environmental Studies GIS Landscape Park


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