The National Mapping Programme: New Forest Remembers: Results of NMP Mapping

Author(s): Carolyn Royall

This illustrated report describes the results and methods of air photo and lidar assessment and mapping for the New Forest Remembers. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and was carried out by Historic Environment, Cornwall County Council between January and November 2012. The project used English Heritage National Mapping Programme methods and standards. The report includes a review of the sources used and how these and other factors influenced the results. An overview of archaeological results describes the extent, distribution, type and survival of remains. More detailed descriptions of the nature of the archaeological remains are covered in thematic sections. This report concludes with a summary of recommendations for further work and potential sites of national importance arising from the project.

Report Number:
Defence Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography Lidar Survey National Mapping Programme Second World War


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