South East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey National Mapping Programme Report Components 1 and 2 (Blocks B-C & L-M)

Author(s): Andrea Hamel, Vicki Lambert

NMP blocks B-C and L-M of the South East Rapid coastal Zone Assessment Survey SE RCZAS) were completed by Wessex Archaeology between July 2009 and March 2011. Blocks B-C cover the area around Portsmouth between Hill Head on the western side to Emsworth in the east. Blocks L-M cover the Kent coast between just west of Maxton in the west to Kingsgate in the east and include a section of the River Stour that extends 18km inland. The report describes the methods and products of the air photo interpretation and mapping. There are period and thematic summaries that highlight key results of the survey and an analysis of the survey results.

Report Number:
Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography National Mapping Programme


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