Evaluating the impact of housing development on the historic environment

Author(s): LUC

This report is an evaluation of the impact of larger-scale housing developments on the historic environment. It provides a library of case studies from England; analyses the character of each development and the surrounding area and the impact which it has on the historic environment; it also evaluates the success or otherwise of various strategies and policies used by the relevant local planning authorities to ensure that the housing in question is integrated well with its surroundings. The report identifies the most effective tools to help good quality planning applications from the historic environment perspective, but notes that a further challenge for Local Planning Authorities is to ensure that the agreed benefits for the historic environment are fully delivered on the ground. It makes recommendations for further applied research and improvements to achieve greater benefits for the historic environment. The report was commissioned by English Heritage from Land Use Consultants (LUC) as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan's work on the impact of development pressure.

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