Capability Brown’s Plans Reference Catalogue for Researchers

Author(s): Sarah Rutherford, Ceryl Evans

This is the 2nd edition (November 2019) of Historic England’s reference catalogue of existing survey and design plans from the office of the landscape designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown (1716–83). The1st edition Research Report number 05/2018 was published in August 2018 . It forms part of the Capability Brown Festival legacy and an evolving reference resource. Changes in this edition include: • Five new sites with seven plans: Burghley, Henley Park, Dinfewr/Newtown House, Packington, Wallington (3 plans). • Additional images of plans: Burghley, Burton Constable, Henley Park, Hills, and Kirkharle. • Amendments to the introductory text to reflect the above. • Amendments to several existing catalogue entries to correct or amplify information. As well as setting out the place name, and location of the original, where known, it provides information on published reproductions that are relatively easily available, including in monographs and scholarly journals such as Garden History. This research report forms a companion volume with the research report Capability Brown’s Drawings: A Reference Catalogue of Drawings by Brown or his Office (c.1740s–83) (Historic England Research Report 64-2019).

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Research Report
Building and Landscape Conservation


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