Ramsgate, Kent: Historic Characterisation of Ramsgate

Author(s): Diana Manson, Melissa Conway, Katie Stenson, Steven Orr, Karen Averby

A historic characterisation of Ramsgate and its land and sea environs has been undertaken as part of this Ramsgate Historic Character project, funded by Historic England’s Heritage Protection Commissions programme. It has been primarily designed as a resource integral to, and supporting, the work of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone (HAZ). The HAZ programme is an initiative in which Historic England works together with local partners in places with a rich and characterful historic environment to use this as a catalyst for building economic growth. Ramsgate is one of the first Heritage Action Zones. The aim of this project was to assess and map patterns of historic character across Ramsgate and its adjacent seascape. Methods used draw upon historic landscape and urban characterisation approaches, as well as the National Historic Seascape Characterisation methodology. Information was collected from a range of sources such as open source Geographic Information System (GIS) data, Historic Environment Record data, aerial imagery, historic maps and charts, published sources and field visits. This source information has been used to inform the assessment and mapping in GIS of areas of shared historic character, known as ‘Character Types’. The spatial and temporal patterning of these character types has been analysed during the latter stages of the project to produce a high-level assessment of each character type’s evidential, historical, aesthetic and communal values as well as an overview account of the development of the project area’s character. The project’s key outputs include the GIS data and associated summary texts and report. As well as supporting the work of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone, the project outputs have been made publicly accessible by Historic England.

Report Number:
Research Report
Data Management Medieval Methological Research Modern Post Medieval Historic Landscape Characterisation Heritage Action Zone National Historic Seascape Characterisation


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