Historic England Aerial Investigation & Mapping (formerly National Mapping Programme) Standards Technical Review

Author(s): Sally Evans

Historic England, and its predecessors, developed standards (formerly called National Mapping Programme (NMP)) to ensure effective use of aerial photographs and lidar to identify, map, record and better understand archaeological sites and landscapes. Since their inception, projects using these standards have provided significant enhancement to the historic environment record, with the creation of tens of thousands of monument records and archaeological mapping for over half of England. Although embedded in national and local historic environment records, these previous projects’ results have great potential for the reuse and repurposing of their datasets. Technological advancements provide increasing opportunities for better ways of gathering information, sharing data, and increasing the potential for innovative analyses and studies. This technical review aims to promote understanding and use of existing data and to develop methods for gathering and sharing project results in the future. The results of a user and producer survey are presented in this report. Other outputs include a user’s guide to older and current products and an updated standards document. The review was undertaken by Sally Evans of Historic England’s Aerial Investigation and Mapping (AIM) team with input from those working on Historic England funded projects and other key stakeholders.

Report Number:
Research Report
Aerial Photograph Interpretation National Mapping Programme Mapping


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