Catridge Farm, Lacock, Wiltshire: Excavations

Author(s): Alice Forward, Jonathan Last, David Roberts, Sarah Paynter, Ruth Pelling, Jessica Waterworth, Greg Campbell

This report describes the results of an excavation at the site of Catridge Farm, Lacock, Wiltshire, undertaken as part of the National Archaeological Identification Survey Pilot Project: West Wiltshire (A350 corridor), following an earthwork survey of settlement remains at the site. Overlying a medieval agricultural soil were the remains of an early postmedieval structure, probably a farm building, within which had been deposited a large dump of household refuse of 17th century date, including ceramics, glass vessels, metalwork, animal bone and charred plant remains. The report describes the excavated remains and the finds assemblages, including chemical analysis of the glass, and assesses the significance of the results in terms of our understanding of the settlement at Catridge and as a contribution to the archaeology of post-medieval rural households more generally.

Report Number:
Research Report
Excavation Glass Mollusca Plant Remains Post Medieval Pottery


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